Getting Stuff in the Mail

When was the last time you opened your mailbox and saw something fun, interesting, or better than bills and junk mail? Let’s face it, mail is boring! It’s the same stuff all the time, and needs spiced up!

That’s where Shirts In The Mail can come in!

Subscription boxes are all the rage nowadays. Whether you love makeup, food, or apparel, there is one out there for you. Well Shirts In The Mail is the newest one available for you!

You can take that boring mail beyond just a simple letter or card to a loved one. Shirts In The Mail will deliver the most interesting and fun t-shirts for your loved ones or, better yet, yourself! Send only one shirt for a quick cheer up, or continue the subscription month after month to keep the joy flowing and the smiles permanently on faces!

Build up your wardrobe with the t-shirts you will love! Don’t select a t-shirt subscription service that just sends a random shirt, choose one which takes your needs, wants, desires, hopes and dreams into account when crafting the t-shirts, they will send you. T-shirt lovers will love Shirts In The Mail because we offer a variety of interests, industries, and colors that are chosen each month. We work to make sure your subscription is themed in a way that makes sense for the time of year and the recipient. You don’t want mom receiving a biker shirt, that is unless she is into that! Let us know what interests your recipient has, the shirt size needed, and if there is anything we should avoid. Once we have that information, we will begin working on crafting the perfect t-shirt options to send you or your loved ones.

Put a little pep in your step when you are walking, or let’s face it you are probably running or skipping on delivery days, to your mailbox. Enjoy checking your mail again! Don’t let the credit card, utilities, and other boring companies who contact you through the mail ruin your day! Get excited when you see the email in your boring inbox about the tracking information or letting you know your new t-shirt is on the way! And definitely get excited when you open your mailbox to find something unique and interesting that makes sense for you or your loved ones.